Bottiglia Olio Fantasia Principe - Sorrento è

Principe Fantasy Oil bottle

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Explore the bright beauty of our ceramic products, enriched by a lively fantasy of lemons that transmits the joy and freshness of the Mediterranean life. From vases to cups, from dishes to bowls, each piece is an ode to summer joy and liveliness of southern Italy.

Made with artisan care and a passion for details, our ceramic products add a touch of color and liveliness to any environment. Each hand -painted lemon releases a contagious energy, while the bright tones and finely processed details capture the spirit of Mediterranean nature.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, our products are also practical and functional: resistant, washable and suitable for the oven, they are designed to be used and admired every day. Whether you are serving a fresh summer salad on one of our dishes or embellishing your table with one of our vases, our ceramic is ready to illuminate every moment with its Mediterranean charm.

Choose our ceramic products with lemon fantasy to transform your home into an oasis of joy and vitality, where each piece tells a story of sunshine, sea and sweetness of life.

Height 20 cm



Esplora l'autenticità e l'eccellenza degli artigiani italiani con i nostri prodotti fatti a mano. Ogni pezzo è un'opera d'arte unica, plasmata con maestria e passione, che porta con sé il carattere e lo spirito dell'Italia.

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dal 1980 con passione

Dal 1970, ci impegniamo con passione nell'arte della ceramica. Ogni pezzo riflette il nostro impegno costante per la qualità e la bellezza artigianale, portando con sé un'esperienza che va oltre il semplice oggetto.


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