Teste di Moro Small Crown Caltagirone...

Teste di Moro Small Crown Caltagirone Ceramic Hand Painted



Pair of Moor's Heads, in original 100% Caltagirone ceramic, supplied and painted by hand, ideal to adorn the exterior of your home.

A bit of story...

The story of the beautiful Sicilian girl and the legend of the Moor's head


It is said that in Palermo, around the year 1100, a beautiful girl lived in a building who loved to spend her days taking care of the flowers and plants of her balcony

One day for a Kalsa a young Moor, he saw the beautiful girl, intent on treating the plants, he fell in love with her, he decided he wanted it for himself, he entered the girl's house and declared his love. The young girl, struck by so much sentiment, returned the love of the young man, but when she learned that the Moor would leave her to return to her lands in the East, where a wife with her offspring took her, she waited for darkness and as soon as she got he fell asleep, cut off his head, made a dove vase, planted some basil, and put it on display outside on the balcony.


The Moor, thus, unable to go away, would have always remained with her. Meanwhile, the basil grew luxuriant and aroused the envy of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood. They, so as not to be outdone, they made themselves build terracotta vases in the shape of a dark brown head.

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